Our products are supplied either as open or closed sets coupled to either diesel or gasoline prime movers. All our products passed and meet the CCC, CE, TUV and GS Certification and standards.

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Equipment Rental


Equipment Rental training for those in equipment rental and the construction industry, in collaboration with Super-Tech College. A rare opportunity and first of its kind in Malawi

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Product Support


We add value to customers' equipment purchase and ownership experiences by providing 'first class', innovative and cost effective after sales maintenance and management solutions.

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Equipment Rental fundamentals refresher course 2016

Date: 7th – 11th March 2016
Venue: Bridge View Hotel, Lilongwe, Malawi

In these economic hard times fleet costs, new business, repair and maintenance, safety and cost-reduction initiatives are some of the challenges and concern that face Rental businesses. Being a new and unique field investing in Rental management training might be perceived as unnecessary and costly by some companies, experts suggest trained rental personnel could reduce the cost of running a rental fleet by 15%. Our refresher course Rental fundamentals provides delegates with a basic understanding of rental business management principles including fleet utilisation, whole-life cost, budgeting, repair and maintenance and the right rate calculations

This event is designed to equip the participants with knowledge in the following:
-Participants will be expected to have a general understanding about the trends of Rental    business in Europe, Africa and Malawi
-Participants will be able to define the rental business and its types
-Participants will be able to understand the main KPI’s and drivers of the rental business
-Participants will be able to understand the basic rental management procedures
-Participants must understand and explain the basic documents that simplify rental reporting
-Participants will have a basic understanding of a rental budget
-Implement key performance indicator(KPI’s) and measure performance of the rental fleet

Don’t miss this opportunity for you and your team to network with other leading and like-minded professionals in the Industry on intensive this 5 day training.

To immediately book your place at this event, contact me as soon as possible on+265 888862777 or send the completed and signed registration form to

Download course registration form here   

Product Support

Our Product Support team add value to our customers' equipment purchase and ownership experiences by providing 'first class', innovative and cost effective after sales equipment maintenance and management solutions.